Pattern review – Camille knickers

I have recently been making knickers to go with my homemade bra collection, those bras all use non-stretch main fabric so I have been searching for a knicker pattern that is non stretch too, or a combination of non stretch and power mesh.

On that note I decided to try the Camille knickers by Evie La Luve for £7.20. I liked the slightly vintage, casual style of them and the fact they are designed to sit on your hips. I thought they might be most suitable for sleep wear as I’m not sure how visible they would be under clothes due to their loose nature.

To begin with I thought I would use some scrap fabric to make some trial ones, as I don’t have a lot of the fabric I made my bra with and these use quite a lot of fabric, a recommended 1.2 m, hardly a pattern to use up your scraps.

I measured myself and I came right in between two sizes, usually I size up on a – I can always cut it down- philosophy. This was a big mistake. At the stage before you wrap them round the sides they look enormous, I wish I had taken a photo against me. It freaked my bf right out, he’s not exactly sizest but they were probably about 4 times my actual size!!!!


Even overlapping my layers they were still completely huge on me, I could have probably fit me and my little sister in them together.


One of the other issues I had was sewing the lace around the lower edges. The idea is to line one edge of the lace up with the bottom of the fabric, sew across the top and cut any excess fabric away under the lace. The pattern asks for rigid lace, but of course then sewing it round a bend is an issue because the inside seam of the lace is shorter than the outside seam would be . This means the lace won’t hang in the same way as the fabric, you get creases, it’s impossible to keep the length of the shorts the same as the original fabric. It was a real problem and the wider the lace the more problem. I notice she has used a wavy lace and that is a bit more flexible round bends. I feel that that should feature in the instructions.


The crotch of the knickers isn’t lined with cotton, so I am not sure how fresh they would be if you were wearing them for a period of time.

As the first ones were miles too big I took them back apart to save all the lace and elastics and made the next ‘real’ pair the next size down. A chat with some sewing folks online informed me that they’d had to go down a size too. I used the fabric I used for my longline Marlborough bra.

I had the same lace problem as the first set but they looked good finished flat. But I HATE them. They just look all wrong on, the shape of them on just doesn’t feel right at all, they don’t hang nicely. Maybe the fact that the lace I used isn’t wavy is part of the problem, but they are really not flattering, they are OK at the back but at the front there’s something weird going on between the legs. Retrospectively I looked at the example ones and wondered if it was the design or my body shape. Either way I am now spending the next few hours taking them apart to reuse the fabric/elastics on something I like more.

I really wanted to be more positive as I try and support small businesses but I have wasted hours sewing and dismantling the pattern and I wish I’d never bothered. I fully appreciate that other people may have more success but I can’t find anyone who really likes them. Except maybe my cat who wanted to sit on them.



I guess my final words are, after all of that a free very similar version has been released here and you could have a go without worrying about money. it may be that they look right on you not all clothes suit all people.

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