Pink and black Maya bra

I’m excited to make the Maya bra for the first time, the pattern for which was very kindly given away for free. Lots of people are raving about it and it’s time I gave it a try.

Whilst I will be using some scraps to make up a toil I have a pretty pink and black pattern new kit to use from The Bra Shop on Etsy and am having trouble deciding how best to use the fabrics and lace. Now I have to say about the bra shop that they have sent me different lace than advertised in this picture and the replacement lace is not as nice and smelt a little of damp thus I am currently trying to rectify the situation. I will update you on the outcome, for the price I paid I am not so happy.

I’ve been searching the internet for some inspiration on how to use the kit,  here are some pink and black bras that I am considering stealing ideas from and I’d like to know what you guys think.

First I found this bra from Bravissimo,  pretty much the only high street store where I can still buy bras that fit.

One of the things I liked about this bra is having a plain pink stripe across the top if the bra and knickers, as opposed to most bras where the lace is across the top of the cut. I felt it gave the bra a bit of a fresh feel to it.

Next this one from Linda’s Online.

Now this bra made me wonder why you would choose to sew black stripes half way up your bra cup like that, obviously it covers a dart but it looks very weird and in my opinion is a bad idea. However I do have some really nice velvet feel ribbon that I could use between sections like they have done on the knickers that I quite like. I would do this on the bra too, not how they have.

I really love this bra by Freya

So I nearly accidentally bought this one as it was on sale and in my size and Freya bras usually fit me and are very good quality.

I still might.

Hmm, what I especially like here is how the frame and top of the cup are all back so it really does frame the cup nicely.  It shows off the print on the cups.

And then I could go for something like this more standard option from H&M.

Where the lace is across the top of the cup.

And this is what happens if you try to buy underwear from Ebay.

Not really an option, I just felt I needed to share this. I know some of you will be disappointed to learn that this item is currently out of stock….



Any thoughts on how the kit should be used?

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