Watson I & Sewcialists Inspiration Month

This August with the Sewcialists it has been Inspiration Month. For a long time I have had lots of Watson bras, designed by Amy from Cloth Habit, covering my Pinterest boards. It was this bra that inspired me to try bra making, as without underwires, and with the excellent sew-alongs that were available I felt it was something I could accomplish.

At this point can I just warn you that if you google ‘Watson Bra’ for inspiration you get rather a number of sleazy pap photos of Emma Watson. You have been warned.

The pattern was $15 dollars as an instant download, it has the bra and a bikini pattern. You can make two different versions, View A has a longline band which I particularly wanted for the look and the support I thought I would need being of a large cup size. There was a lot of information available about which size I should pick for various fabrics. I measured as a 36E but the advice was for quite a stretchy band fabric to size down, so I went for the sister size 34F. Then I looked at the cups, thought no chance and cut a 34 G. This is the biggest cup size for a 34 band and retrospectively I will need to increase it for the next one.


The fabric I used was a fairly cheap knit as I always consider the first one a bit of a test case and expect it might need reworking somewhat. I’m saving the unicorn and rainbow fabric for best!


I lined everything as I like neat insides, the cups and band with some power mesh, as I was concerned that the knit fabric wasn’t that supportive, and the band with tricot as suggested. Retrospectively this meant that I needn’t have sized down the band. You can see the horizontal lines where it has pulled round the band. The frame does seem to fit  around the cups nicely so for the next version I am just going to increase the wings a little.

As the knit is such fun colours I’ve enjoyed using mismatch elastics to add to the fun. I didn’t quite manage to get the elastics to touch perfectly at the front, I sewed a bow over it. Next time I also need to stretch the elastic a little more under the arm. 


This toil is very wearable especially as the band and the band elastic will get softer with time. I wanted a soft bra as I have been in hospital a lot recently and lying down, and I find the wires were digging in. It was much softer to sleep in, and I felt much less rough getting dressed with a bra every day. it didn’t provide much support lying on my sides, but then I’m not sure I have any bras that do. Next to try the matching bikini pattern and see if I can get a comfy fit.