Bella II

This week I’ve sewn up my second pair of Bella knickers with this gorgeous kit I purchased from Evie La Luve. Read about my first here.


The Bella pattern is designed to be ultra low rise, so I decided to adapt the pattern to lift the waist band a little. There may well be a different correct way of altering the pattern, but this is the way I altered it to get a little more coverage, without changing the size of the waist band or the cut round the legs and crotch as I was happy with that. Here is the shape of the original pattern piece, with the waist band drawn on in red.

bella pattern edit1

I lifted that line up without changing it’s shape by a couple of cm.

bella pattern edit2

Next I looked at each end of that new line, it needs to meet the front and back seam at right angles so that the waist band lies flat.

bella pattern edit3

And then using a french curve at the back, and a ruler at the front I drew in new front and back seams.

bella pattern edit4

Then I sewed them up as before, and here are my finished knickers.


Here you can see the difference in size between my new and original pattern. The lace on the red pattern is a little softer and stretchier which is why they look a bit wider, but the waist is notably higher.


Also after my first pair I switched from a regular zigzag (in green) to a 3 step zigzag (in purple), in my opinion the 3 step looked much nicer and I have used that since.


I love this big bow included in the kit.


I’m really happy with how the adapted pattern fit and feel, definitely a wardrobe staple and I have several other pairs in the pipeline. The only disadvantage is that I do need slightly wider lace to make the knickers from, alas, I will have to go lace shopping 🙂



This week I have finally gotten round to making my first pair of Bella knickers. As a Christmas present, to myself, I bought the printed pattern from Evie La Luve, along with a kit to make myself a pair.


Everything in the kit is really nice quality, to the point that I decided to make a practice pair as it’s my very first go with fold over elastic. The materials for my practice pair were also from Evie La Luve.

I measured myself and traced the right size. The instructions were simple, I have an over-locker, so I used that for all the seams except the fold over elastic. I wasn’t sure which technique to use to apply the FOE, whether to sew it in one pass with either a zigzag or a 3 step zigzag, or to do it in 2 stages like you would biased binding. I went for applying it in one pass with a regular zigzag but I found it tricky to keep completely straight and to hold it in the right place, plus stretch the right amount.  Here is the result:


You can see where the zigzag had a bit of a wobble in the top right. Good job it was a practice go, but actually you can’t notice the wobbly elastic when they are worn.

So the fit:

They are advertised as low rise, but they really are very low on the hips, this isn’t necessarily a problem if you like that fit, but I personally like my knickers a little higher rise. So next time I will add a little more length to the top, again I’m glad I had a practice go. They look good on, cut a little sexy but still mega comfortable.

The pattern:

It’s a good pattern, with clear instructions. It is quite expensive for a pattern for one pair of knickers, which is why I held off buying it for so long, but I can see how to hack it into some of her other options. I want to support small independent businesses, so I am willing to pay more for a pattern from someone who fits that criteria. Plus I think this will be a bit of a wardrobe staple for me so I think over time I’ll get my money’s worth.

Now onto the kit, I’ll change how I applied the elastic, and make the waist a little higher, I’ll show you the result soon.