This week I have finally gotten round to making my first pair of Bella knickers. As a Christmas present, to myself, I bought the printed pattern from Evie La Luve, along with a kit to make myself a pair.


Everything in the kit is really nice quality, to the point that I decided to make a practice pair as it’s my very first go with fold over elastic. The materials for my practice pair were also from Evie La Luve.

I measured myself and traced the right size. The instructions were simple, I have an over-locker, so I used that for all the seams except the fold over elastic. I wasn’t sure which technique to use to apply the FOE, whether to sew it in one pass with either a zigzag or a 3 step zigzag, or to do it in 2 stages like you would biased binding. I went for applying it in one pass with a regular zigzag but I found it tricky to keep completely straight and to hold it in the right place, plus stretch the right amount.  Here is the result:


You can see where the zigzag had a bit of a wobble in the top right. Good job it was a practice go, but actually you can’t notice the wobbly elastic when they are worn.

So the fit:

They are advertised as low rise, but they really are very low on the hips, this isn’t necessarily a problem if you like that fit, but I personally like my knickers a little higher rise. So next time I will add a little more length to the top, again I’m glad I had a practice go. They look good on, cut a little sexy but still mega comfortable.

The pattern:

It’s a good pattern, with clear instructions. It is quite expensive for a pattern for one pair of knickers, which is why I held off buying it for so long, but I can see how to hack it into some of her other options. I want to support small independent businesses, so I am willing to pay more for a pattern from someone who fits that criteria. Plus I think this will be a bit of a wardrobe staple for me so I think over time I’ll get my money’s worth.

Now onto the kit, I’ll change how I applied the elastic, and make the waist a little higher, I’ll show you the result soon.




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