Watson II – Lace and Spots

This is my second version of the Watson Bra from Cloth Habit.

The first one was comfortable and surprisingly supportive for a non-wired bra. This time I decided to go for a slightly more elegant style rather than bright colours. I used a mixture of bits I had from my stash, including this dotty black mesh which I have been waiting to use. I had a little trouble deciding which straps to go for as I was tempted by this decorative cream version – but eventually went all black as I had black hooks and eyes and the right size rings and sliders.

I also decided to try out the Watson bikini brief as opposed to making the lady shorts, and see how they fit.

Having made the Watson before this one came together easily, this time I handled the centre front, where both cups meet, much better and I am happier with the result.

As I had more layers to handle this time I decided to baste the cream lace and black dots in place and that was very helpful.

I used a 2 hook closure and I wish I had used a 3 as it would have given me more support. My previous Watson felt a little loose under the arm; although this time I stretched the elastic more through the under arm and adjusted the pattern a smidge, it could still do with adjusting a little more.

There are two black stripes that run down the front, they don’t line up when flat but they do line up when they are on because the knickers stretch more than the bra band.

I nearly put dotty bows on too- should I change them?

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