Maya III – an experiment with a cage


This bra is my third attempt at the free Maya Bra pattern (the previous two can be seen here and here). I have made several adjustments to the pattern after the upper cup of my second version still needed a pinch removing. To do this I took a dart out of the upper cup.

I also reduced the height of the upper cup, beforehand it was a little frumpy looking and I wanted it a little more sexy. I followed this through on the frame so the underarm was lower as before it dug in a little.

The band of the previous versions kept riding up at the front and so I used this fantastic tutorial from the fairy bra mother to change the frame to have a gothic arch at the centre front. This is a lot more comfortable and solved the problem.

The frame is a little too large under the arm still and I will be taking a pinch out of it next time round.

At this point it looked good but to try out different looks I experimented with making a cage and different bows. The straps on this bra are quite stretchy so they are very comfortable.

Here it is with matching grace panties. You can see more details on the grace panties here.