Mystery Panties – 5 Ways


The latest Mystery Box from Bodils Wear arrived. Apologies for those of you who have heard me share my excitement about these before, but I subscribe to a box of mystery lingerie making contents for approximately £25, and it’s the most exciting thing when it arrives on my doorstep.

I’ve used the contents of this months box to sew 5 pairs of panties, using 5 different sewing patterns. Some of them are T&T patterns, some have been sitting in my drawer waiting to be tried out.

I have added in a little extra elastic from my stash as it went really well but I have some other elastics left that I haven’t used as I have ideas for them- watch this space.

So lets meet the patterns:

The Aurora Panties view A

This is view A of the Aurora Panties by Zazie patterns that I was recently asked to test, I liked my first pair so much I decided to make more. They are low rise, and have a cute lacey back which has a little more cheek coverage than the other two views.

I’ve used blue FOE around the edge of the legs and then a knicker elastic around the top. You need to add on the seam allowance around the top if you wish to use knicker elastic rather than FOE.


Bella is a pattern from Evie La Luve, I have only made this view as I just love them so much. I did slightly adjust the pattern, which you can see on a previous post, to make them a slightly higher rise. I used some FOE on these from my stash as the colours reminded me of watermelon. They are super comfy and pretty.

I can’t tell you how much I love this lace, easily my favourite bit of this months box it is just so beautiful,  just so soft, and I love the colour. ❤


I bought this pattern so long ago and I’ve only just got round to making it- why did I wait? These are from Studio Costura, and have both a lace option or a knit option.

I really like that they are high waisted and the front is cut in a bit more of a boy short style. They are really comfy to wear – I need to make more!

The Aurora Hipster Panties – View B

I made the ruched back version of the Aurora panties too by Zazie Patterns, as I loved the previous pair with the ruched velvet back. I ironed these so the ruching is a little squashed here, but nothing a good wash won’t sort out. This time I drew a line up the centre back with disappearing pen so that I managed to sew the elastic on dead straight.

I like that the ruching means they show a little definition rather than a uni-bum look. It gives quite an ordinary looking pair of panties a little flirty extra.

Tippi Brief

The Tippi brief is a pattern by Van Jonsson Design. I got this pattern as part of a previous mystery box whose contents I have just begun to use. This brief has a cut out window with a lace panel in the back, though I imagine it is not necessary to include it if you want a normal set of knickers.


They look really cute all together, matching but all a little different.


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