A new start

Hi all,

Welcome to an unusually serious post.

In the last few months I have lost a lot of weight, this is a really great change as I have been eating healthily and doing exercise. Since my university days I have been suffering quite badly with depression, I found it very hard sometimes to cook for myself or motivate myself to exercise, and I comfort ate for years. I had a bit of a moment this year when I went up another dress size, and several people thought I was pregnant. I joined Weight Watchers that day and I am so much healthier and happier, the exercise and cutting down on sugar have really helped with my mood. I’ve heard that people get runner’s high, where running gives them a huge high from endorphins – I’m happy when it’s over – does that count?

What’s this got to do with anything – well barely any of my clothes fit anymore! All of my bras seem baggy, a very sexy look. This has been really disheartening because I spent so many hours making testers for my favourite bra patterns, adjusting them so I got a really good fit and it feels like it has been a bit of a waste. Consequently I’ve had a little bit of a break from sewing bras to get ready to start from scratch all over again.

I’ve gone from a UK 34G to about a 32DD/E.A downside of this is that some of the patterns I bought in the larger pattern size no longer cater for me- and I would need to buy them again. It is a bit upsetting as some of them were fairly expensive – because of this I’ve decided to try drafting again (I did start this but my previous attempts are also now inaccurate).

I’m not sure which method to start with, though I really like that the Bare Essentials book has a Facebook support group which has been really helpful, and I know the ladies in there are very happy with the results!

An upside is that I bought a whole bunch of new kits back in the spring summer and now I get to use them, they are very pretty, one from Emerald Erin and several from Bodils Wear, plus I just received my latest Mystery Box (some gorgeous bits in there!!)

From Bodils Wear I purchased these two kits.

I’m really loving the rose gold detail on the lace, and these sliders and rings are making me just so happy.

From Emerald Erin I bought this kit after seeing a Black Beauty bra made up in it.

I’m struggling a little with the concept of cutting into such beautiful lace! Also I love that she’s changed to paper packaging!

So the books and the tape measure are out, here we go… I’ll write an update with my progress.

Thank you all for the inspiration!

One thought on “A new start

  1. Weight loss is a great thing, but creates its own challenges wardrobe wise, especially when you go from plus size to regular sizes. It truly sucks when your favourite patterns can no longer work with your current size. Good luck with the drafting!


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