Iris Bralette

This month I’ve had the opportunity to sew the Iris Bralette a new bralette pattern from Primrose Dawn.

I chose to make this pattern as I really wanted to sew a bralette without a clasp at the back that I could pull on over my head and I loved the options for the front and back that were available.

The pattern is sewn up in a stretch fabric, I used a cotton knit for my first go that was in my stash, and a cotton knit lining. The plus side is that it’s very snuggly and warm, the downside is that it doesn’t provide as much support as some if the other suggested fabrics. There is a really good fabric guide with videos on the Primrose Dawn blog to help you make the decision.

Sizing wise the charts are in American sizing so watch out that there’s no DD cup if you’re British. My measurements somehow never tally up to the charts so I decided to sew my RTW size (32E) and I’m glad I did, though perhaps I could go up one more size.

The instructions are pretty thorough and well illustrated. I liked the way that all of the insides are concealed so it looks nice and neat. The only issue I had was getting a nice neat centre point where it pivots between the cups, I unpicked it many times until I eventually decided to sew a bow over it, I’m just waiting for the bows to arrive. There is now a video tutorial here that I really recommend watching. I also recommend hand basting that part together first, or sewing it fewer layers at a time!! Alternatively in future I might pre-draft to smooth the point out, we’ll see.

For the elastics I’ve gone for a combo of FOE and picot elastic, there is a guide to how much to use now on the instructions but I went for the wrapping it round my body approach. I stretched it a little on the under arms as weirdly I often get a bit of gaping there.

It’s super comfy to wear, as it’s not underwired it’s something I’d wear more with lounge wear. It was pretty quick to make too (other than my centre pivot episode), taking a few hours, and a great stash buster as it took very little fabric.

Here it is with my matching knickers.

I also loved this inspiration sheet which gives you ideas for other ways to make it up!