I’ve been drafting!


Meet my newest baby – she’s a self draft using the Kristina Shin method. After losing so much weight I’m now too small for a lot of my patterns, and why buy them again in small sizes when you can spend a lot of time and effort recreating your own! Ha.

I have two self drafting books, the Kristina Shin book and the Porcelynne book. Having tried them both before I decided this time to go with the Kristina Shin method. To me this is the easier set of instructions, but it is based on a lot less measurements so perhaps will not give me an as accurate result? Either way I think it was a good place to start, as I have a pretty great first draft.

So here are my pattern pieces.


I made some adjustments to it before even making a toile, firstly the wing. From my measurements I could just tell that the wing was too long and thin, I redrafted it by eye and using my single fitting bra as a bit of a guide, and then when I was sewing cut into the wing to make a scooped back, which is by far my favourite way to add the straps.


I also realised that the bottom part of the cup was not going to have enough volume and cut two splits to add extra in before splitting it.


So this is not my best sewing, please don’t judge me to much, but I was expecting to be unpicking it, a lot, to make changes, as it turned out it’s actually a damn good fit and I’m happy.


So as it was a practice run I did not use any of my new kits, but instead scraped together some left overs to make my bra from. So I’ve gone for cut and sew foam cups, with scuba over lay. The band is lined with a non stretch lining, and the wings are just scuba as I didn’t have any matching firm power mesh.  Channelling and notions were left overs from my stash.


A few tweaks to be made, I need a little more length in the channelling as it was a squish getting those underwires in, so it will need to come perhaps 0.5cm higher either side, but otherwise I’m going to wear it a few times to see what I might want to alter before cutting into a kit.


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